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The fraud triangle originated from Donald Cressey’s hypothesis clearly states there are three conditions that, when present in varying degrees, increase the risk of fraud:

 (1) The pressure to commit fraud;

 (2) The opportunity to commit fraud and

 (3) The rationalization of committing the fraud.

I personally perceive these three as an interconnected component of a certain fraudulent act. Greediness for example, is an evident pressure that seeks an opportunity to committing fraud and justifying the behavior through rationalization.

Regardless of the policies and/or internal controls, fraudsters are up to these challenges by finding various ways to perform such act without even realizing and acknowledging themselves as criminals.

Like anyone else reading this article, I also have my personal fraud experience upon dealing some business transactions with the government over a decade ago. The Filipiniana books I sold were reduced up to almost 30% from its original price just for the processing of my check. As a result, I ended up earning nothing from this transaction. This event perfectly illustrates covetousness of a human vulture from the government.

From my previous academic teaching experiences, I have come across with varying types of student attempting to pay certain amount of money just to get a passing remark. Our worth is immeasurable, priceless and invaluable. Let us not allow anyone, damage our reputation and dignity because of money.

However, in reality, human by nature are wicked and therefore, prone to fraudulent behavior. What then can we do in order to prevent, if not eliminate fraud? What certain steps can we voluntarily contribute in order to combat fraud? Are you willing to support and join a community of 1,000,000 extraordinary and heroic professionals towards fraud-free Philippines?

Join us and let us break the fraud triangle! Become an advocate of anti-fraud! 

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